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What's Your Whoop-De-Do Level?

December 12, 2018 By Lucy Robeson, CFP®
Lucy Robeson, CFP®


What's your Whoop-de-do level This season?

It’s the holiday season, and there’s a holiday song I’ve never quite understood. As with most holiday songs, there are a lot of versions, but I’m going with the medley of “Happy Holiday” and “The Holiday Season” as popularized by Andy Williams. And here’s the line that really gets me:

“It's the holiday season, so whoop-de-do...”

First of all, who says “whoop-de-do”? Second of all, what sort of enthusiasm is that for the most wonderful time of year* (also known as Mariah Carey’s holiday)? This expression feels like a well-intended effort toward genuine holiday excitement that just gets lost for words.

Between work and extra time with family and friends -- all wonderful, but time is the operative word here -- this season can become exhausting to the point of mere whoop-de-do levels of excitement. Managing ourselves well -- our greatest business asset -- becomes even more important during this busy time of year.

Let's take a moment to check in.

What’s your whoop-de-do level right now?

Do you feel energized about how things are going in your practice? Maybe you’ve hit some great milestones this year or streamlined your process in ways that are truly paying off. Perhaps you’re thriving in your niche and receiving a return on your hard work.

Or, has your whoop officially left your de-do? (At least, I think that’s the technical term for it!) If you’re teetering on burnout, exhaustion, or general apathy, a true break can be just what you need to feel rejuvenated going into 2019. How will you give yourself -- and your business -- the gift of some renewal before the new year?

Set Your Whoop-De-Do Strategy

Don't forget to think about how best to manage your energy, particularly during this demanding time of year, at work and beyond. How will you manage yourself in the coming days to prepare for a great beginning to the new year?

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions to consider:

What would my ideal holiday schedule look like so I could feel refreshed by January? Plan now, and then relax, knowing you're prepared.

What rules or boundaries would be best for my own self-care during this hectic time? Remember: you are your primary business asset. How can you best manage your time and energy to maximize your outcome?

How often should I check email/voicemail to stay current, but less frantic? Communicate to your clients about your availability to ensure that you have time truly set aside for yourself and your loved ones.

What automated reminders can I set for myself that would be helpful during this season? (Hint: they don’t all have to be task reminders! Reminders to take a break or call a friend can be a huge help, too.)

What blocks of time can I offer exclusively to the events, celebrations, and relationships that matter to me? Let your loved ones know you’re prioritizing them and looking forward to your time together! That communication itself can be a gift.

Whatever you need to do, plan ahead, thoroughly communicate it, and follow through with that plan! You, your clients, and your loved ones will all be better off for it!

A great big bundle of joy

As Andy Williams sings in the song, we’re wishing you and your loved ones “a great big bundle of joy” during this season. From your friends at AdvicePay, Happy Holidays! May you enjoy a life-giving season, whatever you hope for it to be...from heaps of gifts and all the family time, to quiet nights with Netflix and snacks and beverages of your choice.


*P.S. In Case of a Holiday Stress Emergency: At AdvicePay, you know we’re all about the right tools for the job. Here’s one tool to help you if you hit a wall in trying to sustain your festive holiday mood.


Posted by Lucy Robeson, CFP®

Lucy is excited to help AdvicePay users make the most of our platform to help expand their businesses. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has extensive experience in comprehensive financial planning, directing firm operations, and (unrelated) swimming with bull sharks while living in Fiji. Lucy is passionate about promoting the fee-for-service business model and helping financial planners understand how and why to adopt it into their businesses. When she’s not working, you can find Lucy on the tennis court, hiking in the mountains, and cheering on the Virginia Tech Hokies.

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