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Lena Haines

Lena Haines
Lena Haines is the Director of Sales and Marketing at AdvicePay and is widely known for her creative expertise. After graduating from Montana State University in 2012 with a BFA in Fine Arts and focus in Graphic Design, Lena went on to work at a boutique marketing agency. There, she gained her experience in management and implementation of inbound sales and marketing strategies. After seven years, it was time to try something new, producing large-scale corporate events out of Orlando, FL. More recently, humidity and career growth inspired her to make the trek back to Bozeman, joining the AdvicePay team. While sales and marketing functions are her primary focus by day, Lena also enjoys stretching her creative muscles doing improv or hiking with her dog Jasper.
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Quick Tips for Selling, Working, and Staying Sane at Home

August 31, 2020 By: Lena Haines

My feelings concerning working from home are about 50% FOR working from home, and 50% longing to be back in the office. I miss the days of routine, getting into "work mode" when stepping into the office, putting on real pants that include buttons, and...

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