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3 Things Your Clients Should Know About AdvicePay

July 09, 2020 By Honor Randall
Honor Randall

Whether you’re migrating from check collection or another electronic payment platform, some clients may wonder why you’ve chosen to use AdvicePay. While they likely don’t need to know all the inner workings, there are a few talking points that can help clients feel confident in making electronic payments via AdvicePay.

1. AdvicePay Allows You to Focus More on Helping Clients

By automating payment collection and reminders, allowing clients to self service via their client portal, and eliminating (or at least reducing) the time spent logging checks into blotters, AdvicePay can free up a good chunk of your time by streamlining your payment collection process. With the time you get back, you can focus even more on helping your clients, whether that time is spent directly with clients, furthering your education, or even enjoying some additional time off so you can show up at your best. A streamlined process opens your time to do what you truly do best! 


2. AdvicePay Emphasizes Security and Privacy

Ensuring client data is stored and treated properly is essential in our technological world, which is why it’s always been a top priority for us. Our Data Security one-pager provides an in-depth look at all the ways we keep data protected. Additionally, “AdvicePay does not share, sell, rent, or trade any information provided with third parties for their promotional or marketing purposes.” Be sure to check out Privacy Policy for even more information on how we protect your and your clients’ data.


3. Managing Payments is Simple for Clients

When clients are set up on a recurring subscription, they only need to activate their payments at the onset. There’s nothing additional they need to do during the duration of their subscription. Their payment information is stored and payments will automatically be withdrawn from the account each billing cycle. Of course, clients can receive reminder emails and payment confirmation emails if they choose. Their AdvicePay client portal also stores all past invoices so they can quickly access payment history. And finally, if your clients need to update their contact and/or banking information, they can simply do so within their client portal.

While many clients aren’t likely to dig too deep into your technological choices, I recommend keeping these talking points in mind for the inquisitive few. To make it even easier for you, our one-pager, Why is My Advisor Using AdvicePay, is a great resource you can share with your clients.


Posted by Honor Randall

Honor is AdvicePay’s Product Owner. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for market trends, Honor is at the forefront of driving product development and ensuring customer satisfaction. Having worked in the financial industry for over five years, Honor has honed a versatile skill set that combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of industry needs. When she’s not helping bridge the gap between our product development and strategy, you can find Honor running, cooking, and exploring National Parks with her family.

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