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Jesse Hoffmann

Jesse Hoffmann
Serving as AdvicePay’s Business Development Representative, Jesse plays a major role in helping financial professionals learn how AdvicePay can help them grow their businesses and better serve their clients. Before joining our team, Jesse led an impressive career as a retail business manager. Outside of the office, you can find Jesse watching a Montana State University football game, playing with his kids, and throwing the ball for his dog Mabel.
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Billing on Held-Away Accounts: Unveiling the Perfect Union of AdvicePay and Pontera

February 14, 2024 By: Jesse Hoffmann

Are you aware that you have the capability to streamline billing on held-away accounts using AdvicePay and Pontera? Your expertise in advising on 401(k) retirement plans deserves proper compensation, even when direct billing to the plan isn't feasible....

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