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Billing on Held-Away Accounts: Unveiling the Perfect Union of AdvicePay and Pontera

February 14, 2024 By Jesse Hoffmann
Jesse Hoffmann

Are you aware that you have the capability to streamline billing on held-away accounts using AdvicePay and Pontera? Your expertise in advising on 401(k) retirement plans deserves proper compensation, even when direct billing to the plan isn't feasible. Pontera empowers you with the tools to efficiently manage held-away accounts, while AdvicePay offers a comprehensive billing solution designed specifically to invoice clients for your advisory services.

  1. Seamless Account Management: Pontera streamlines the management of held-away accounts, offering you a comprehensive and integrated platform to navigate through diverse financial portfolios.
  2. Efficient Billing: AdvicePay complements Pontera by providing you with a way to get paid for your expertise compliantly via credit card or ACH from an outside bank account, even when the plan cannot be billed directly, and there are no other investment accounts to cover your fees.
  3. Enhanced Client Experience: Together, Pontera and AdvicePay contribute to a superior client experience. Clients benefit from a more transparent and consolidated view of their financial situation, fostering trust and confidence in your advisory services.
  4. Revenue Optimization: By efficiently managing and billing on held-away accounts, you open doors to new revenue opportunities. Whether it's suggesting adjustments to investment strategies or offering additional services, this innovative approach can contribute to increased revenue for your advisory firm.

How it Works - Flexible Billing Options with AdvicePay

Option 1: One-Time Invoice 

Start by basing the invoice amount on the account size each quarter (similar to traditional AUM billing),  then send your client a one-time invoice through AdvicePay. While our recurring invoicing feature does not allow for variable amounts, AdvicePay has a configurable fee calculator, helping you easily calculate the fee each quarter. You can also choose to have the calculation displayed on the invoice or simply enter the amount due for the one-time invoice and skip the fee calculator. Invoices are easily tracked and managed in your AdvicePay dashboard with automated notifications to remind your clients when payments are upcoming or past due.

Do you have several quarterly invoices to send out? Our Pontera integration allows you to generate and export a .CSV file formatted specifically to import back into AdvicePay, allowing for the creation of one-time invoices in bulk -- without the hassle of manually filling in the information!

Quarterly One Time Invoice - Account Balance-1


Option 2: Fixed Fee Subscription Invoice

This auto-billing setup allows for much less friction when clients only need to enter payment information one time to activate the subscription invoice. Set your held away account fee to be a flat annual fee (a fixed fee or % based on account value), which is then paid in monthly/quarterly fixed installments. Automated email notifications are sent to both the client and advisor throughout the billing cycles.

For example, if your annual fee for advising on held-away accounts is 1%, and the account was at $100,000, the annual fee would be $1,000, which would translate to monthly installments of $83.33 or quarterly payments of $250.

Total Held Away Account Value

Let’s say at the annual review the account value has grown. At this point, you will have the option of updating the fixed subscription amount. We recommend including language in your agreement that states the annual fee is re-calculated at a determined interval: annually, semi-annually, if the account grows x%, etc. After increasing a subscription amount, AdvicePay ensures your client approves of the new amount before it takes effect–  a key approval feature for regulators and compliance departments looking at subscription services.

Option 3: Held Away Account Advising with Ongoing Financial Planning Fee 

If you offer ongoing financial planning as a flat fee or as a % of income, you can easily build out a fee calculator to include an additional line that incorporates the fee for advising on a client’s held away assets.

Flat Fee Ongoing Financial Planning with Held away assets


Getting Started 

Billing on held-away accounts is simpler than you think. Learn how to integrate AdvicePay and Pontera by checking out our knowledge base here.


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