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Webinar Replay: Scaling Fee-for-Service Into a Revenue Center for Your Enterprise with Michael Kitces & Alan Moore

March 03, 2023 By Valerie Gravage
Valerie Gravage

I recently met with two of the leading names in fee-for-service financial planning, Alan Moore and Michael Kitces, during an open-format discussion that allowed wealth management leadership from across the U.S. to ask their most pressing questions.

The big picture? Fee-for-service financial planning is one of the fastest-growing segments among financial institutions today because it allows financial professionals access to engage an untapped market; Gen X and Gen Y households who don't yet have investable assets while also establishing a recurring revenue stream that is decoupled from stock market volatility. 

Click below to watch some of our favorite highlights from the webinar! 


Looking for more? You can watch the entire one-hour webinar here!

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Posted by Valerie Gravage

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