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How to Retain Generational Wealth Through Fee-for-Service Offerings

September 30, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

“Generational wealth.” If the term seems familiar, it’s no surprise! This buzzword has taken over headlines within the financial space in recent months, and it shows no signs of fading. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it worth your attention?

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Webinar Replay: Fee Calculator Demo

September 10, 2021 By: Andre Brown

Having confidence in how fees are calculated is a top priority for financial advisors. That's why we have a fee calculator within our app to allow advisors to calculate their fees -- and even tie them to a client’s invoice! This powerful tool allows...

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6 Questions to Address with Your Billing & Payment Solution as a Financial Advisor

August 23, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

When starting out as a financial planning professional, getting paid is unquestionably one of the top priorities when establishing your business. It is key to properly vet solutions that allow you to send out invoices seamlessly, allow your clients to...

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Building a Client Services Calendar

July 27, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

As a financial advisor, how confident are you that your clients understand and appreciate the complete value of your services? If a question like this makes you nervous, you’re far from alone. According to a recent study, clients ranked the value they...

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Services You Can Provide Regularly to Clients Under the Fee-For-Service Model

July 20, 2021 By: Honor Randall

It’s no secret that the financial industry has evolved leaps and bounds over the last few decades. We’ve said “so long!” to the days where clients look to financial professionals just to help them pick and choose stocks on their behalf. Nor do people...

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Standout Quotes From our Webinar,"Scaling Financial Planning Into a Revenue Center for Your Enterprise"

June 24, 2021 By: Shannon Beck

The financial planning business model is swiftly evolving. Gone are the days of when it was a time-consuming and complex loss-leader! In 2021 it is now being powered by advanced technology to become a highly lucrative fee-based revenue stream.

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The Non-AUM Clients You Should be Working With

June 18, 2021 By: Honor Randall

In the past, I’ve written about incorporating fee-for-service offerings for existing AUM clients as a way to add flexibility to your fee structure and drive revenue. From Quickstart Sessions to 401(k) advice, there are a number of ways you as an...

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Attracting New Talent to Your Firm Using AdvicePay

May 26, 2021 By: Honor Randall

The world is a much different place than it was five or ten years ago. Really, a lot has changed in just one single year. Technology’s already quick takeover saw an immediate uptick when so many companies went remote due to COVID-19. Although the dust...

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How Often Should I Bill My Clients?

May 18, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

Here at AdvicePay, we genuinely believe in the fee-for-service planning model and how it can successfully grow and scale your business. More and more, we are seeing that clients want advisors to justify their fees and provide more value than just...

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5 Things People Get Wrong About Fee-For-Service

April 29, 2021 By: Honor Randall

While the fee-for-service revolution continues to change the landscape of financial planning, many advisors aren’t quite sure how to incorporate it seamlessly into their practice. It can seem daunting to change your current way of doing business, or...

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