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How AdvicePay Solved Common eSignature Issues

April 19, 2019 By Mary Moore
Mary Moore

Many financial advisors have successfully adopted using digital signature functionality with their clients, others have never even considered it, and some have simply tried it and given up. Using digital signature has become a huge time-saving piece of technology for many financial advisors and a great convenience for their clients. Yet, it can be a challenge and intimidating to adopt the technology into your firm.

AdvicePay + Dropbox Sign

AdvicePay’s Dropbox Sign integration is designed to address common concerns that can arise when incorporating digital signature into your firm. The convenience of having eSignature already in the AdvicePay platform means added ease of use for advisors and less confusion for clients.

Data Security

We’ve maximized data security at every level in AdvicePay. When using eSignature in our system, you never have to leave the AdvicePay app and can manage, track, and download all of your contracts and invoices in one system. Unlike other digital signature systems, AdvicePay’s customized integration ensures that advisor and client information remains controlled and secure through the AdvicePay platform.

Read more about our partnership with Dropbox Sign in their AdvicePay case study.

Seamless Workflows

When using more than one software to document signatures, your clients also have to use more than one system. This is not only a time-consuming approach that causes invoice and payment delays, but it also disrupts your client on-boarding experience.

With our eSignature integration, you are able to complete the signature workflow within 1-2 clicks. This allows you to handle more of your client onboarding, saving you time and simplifying the process for your clients.

Synchronization of Invoices and Contracts

When you incorporate our eSignature integration into your firm, your invoices and contracts are 100% synced. When you create an invoice, a contract is automatically created. The invoice amount and other key data fields are also automatically populated. This invoice-contract data match, aligns accounts payable with accounts receivable, improving your bottom line.

Posted by Mary Moore

Mary leads the ongoing product development of AdvicePay. Since she holds a degree in Financial Planning from the University of Illinois, grew up on a farm, claims to have an inner Pioneer Woman, and now is a passionate remodeler of her 1910’s craftsman house, Mary is pretty much the perfect person to make everything-AdvicePay better. When she’s not changing the world through billing and payment solutions, Mary can be found at her favorite PureBarre class or sipping drinks in a local spot, dreaming of her one-day vacation to Bora Bora.

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