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How to Get the Most Out of AdvicePay’s New Accounting Software Integration

February 13, 2019 By: Lucy Robeson, CFP®

We recently announced our new accounting software integration, via the Business Importer (B-Importer) tool. This has been our most requested feature, and we’re very excited it’s here!

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Topics: User Experience, Feature Releases

How to be AdvicePay Happy: Client Payments

February 11, 2019 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

Hi there! Erika here. :) I’m the Happiness Hero for AdvicePay -- which means that I’m here for any and all questions about the AdvicePay system. Consider me your personal consultant on how to get most out of our amazing tool!

Thanks to some smart questions from our users, I’ve gathered a number of tips and reminders (I call them “HAPPINESS HINTS”) that can make using AdvicePay a breeze.

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Topics: User Experience

Does My Client Have to Approve Their Ongoing Payment Each Time?

January 30, 2019 By: Lucy Robeson, CFP®

AdvicePay Lets You Charge on a Subscription Basis

One of the major advantages of AdvicePay is its subscription payment functionality. In fact, AdvicePay was created, designed, and built specifically to provide financial planners with a compliant billing option when utilizing the fee-for-service model.

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Topics: User Experience, Practice Management