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New Feature Release: Deliverables for Enterprise

April 07, 2021 By Mary Moore
Mary Moore

From the very start, we built AdvicePay to address the unique compliance issues enterprises face when utilizing a fee-for-service model as part of their business. Operationalizing and scaling a large volume of recurring financial planning fees can be challenging, and it can be even more challenging to oversee advisors charging such fees to ensure they’re actually providing the appropriate financial planning deliverables. That is why we are excited to announce our latest enterprise feature -- Deliverables. 

With AdvicePay Deliverables, all fee-for-service financial planning is tracked in one place. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in transit by easily tracking open, past-due, and completed financial planning deliverables. Avoid fee-for-no-service compliance risks by validating the quality of service that was delivered. 

This is just another step in our master plan to ensure you are overseeing financial planning fees as an enterprise profitably. Get all the details from Mary Moore, Product Manager, below. 


Benefits of AdvicePay Deliverables

  • Avoid regulatory fines: Efficiently provide validation to regulators that the financial plan was delivered for the fees that were charged. Support fee-for-service and avoid fee-for-no-service!
  • Efficient workflows: With our scalable Deliverables feature, you can review deliverables in real-time -- for ALL of your advisors -- and throw out that spreadsheet for good! 
  • Centralize financial plan oversight and payments: Your agreements, payments, and deliverables all live in the same system, ensuring all fee-for-service is tracked in one place.

How Deliverables Works

Deliverable Graphic Branded


Ready to Learn More About Deliverables?

To learn more about Deliverables and begin using it at your Enterprise firm, please reach out to your Relationship Manager at!

You can also learn more about Deliverables by checking out our HelpDesk articles:

Are you ready to grow with AdvicePay?

Designed to provide firms with the management structure, controlled visibility and settings needed to oversee multiple advisors and their clients, AdvicePay for Enterprise makes it possible.



Posted by Mary Moore

Mary leads the ongoing product development of AdvicePay. Since she holds a degree in Financial Planning from the University of Illinois, grew up on a farm, claims to have an inner Pioneer Woman, and now is a passionate remodeler of her 1910’s craftsman house, Mary is pretty much the perfect person to make everything-AdvicePay better. When she’s not changing the world through billing and payment solutions, Mary can be found at her favorite PureBarre class or sipping drinks in a local spot, dreaming of her one-day vacation to Bora Bora.

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