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March 2021 Release Notes

April 05, 2021 By Lana Dalton
Lana Dalton

In this month’s release notes, we are bringing you an exciting update: you can now export your client list with your client’s information and attributes. Read more about this and other AdvicePay improvements in our release notes below (plus, if you read until the end, you may even get a sneak peek at some exciting features that are just around the corner!)

What we’re most excited about 🎉

Client Export

We are excited to release an enhancement to your clients tab! You now have the ability to export your client list that not only includes your client’s information and attributes but also contains information such as their number of active subscriptions, subscription and one-time payment amounts, total revenue, and revenue YTD! You can easily download this by navigating to your Client Tab > Export (in the upper right-hand corner). 

client export gif


Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Added custom attributes for advisors
  • Updated error message for eSign templates without signers 
  • Prevented HelloSign templates from being used while still processing 
  • Update to delete agreement and invoice if the user cancels DocuSign agreement
  • Internal fix for HubSpot Integration
  • Removed remaining references to blacklist/whitelist
  • Added Signing Capability to OAuth Token Requests 
  • Added MFA SMS Requirement for DocuSign 
  • Updated ROW level security for database access
  • Added Export function for Client Tab  
  • Prevented usage of DocuSIgn templates that do not have signers 
  • Updated error message for DocuSign token expiration 
  • Improved handling of DocuSign signature request voided before creation 
  • Fix for payment frequency dropdown locking 
  • Fix for Account Owner unable to save SSO ID for advisor 
  • Fix for user unable to reset password 
  • Fix for invoice filtering by advisor 
  • Fix for CSV import not assigning the correct advisor 
  • Fix for email disclosure toggle not saving properly 
  • Fix for error when using Edit and Send with DocuSign 
  • Fix for email inappropriately containing fee escalation information 
  • Fix for improving UX for ACH payment status 
  • Fix for maximum subscription terms showing 0
  • Fix for updating sorting for transfer dates in transaction report 
  • Fix for hyphen to appear in first and last name fields
  • Fixed vulnerability in npm package
  • Fix for filtering invoices on invoices tab
  • Fix for filtering description of services 
  • Fix for invoices showing up in dashboard that have been “marked as paid”

What to Look Forward to:

  • Deliverables for Enterprise
  • Salesforce Additions

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