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August release notes

September 04, 2018 By AdvicePay

What We’re Most Excited About

Recent Activity Notifications

Additional Features & Bug Fixes

Added Billing in Advance/Arrears Setting on Basic Accounts
Enterprise: Exposed Client Invitation Link to Read-Only Advisors
Logger 2.0 (gives more info to our developers for detecting + resolving errors)
Dashboard Error Fix

New AdvicePay (Family) Features!

We’re big believers in work-life balance at AdvicePay -- and the “life” part of that balance has been busy lately. In just the past couple of months we’ve added 3 babies to our AdvicePay family! While we take time to celebrate these happy arrivals (and sleep a little, when we can), we’ve slowed our development a bit to focus on system infrastructure. Look for our platform enhancements to return to full speed releases in October.

What to Look Forward to:

eSignatures Beta
Database Conversion
TD Ameritrade Single Sign On

Recent Activity Notifications

Recent Activity Notifications

Gain a clearer picture of what's happening with clients and their payments by viewing your account's Recent Activity!

We'll display a notification on your dashboard when:

  • A client registers their account
  • A subscription is authorized by the client
  • An invoice payment is pending (e.g. currently processing)
  • An invoice is paid
  • An invoice is past due
  • An invoice payment fails
  • An invoice is disputed
  • A subscription with set billing periods is ending soon
  • A subscription with set billing periods has completed
  • A client cancels their subscription
  • A payout transfer was made to your account

Get all the details!

Added Billing in Advance/Arrears Setting on Basic Accounts

Added Billing

Users on our Basic plan can now select invoice date ranges based on whether billing in advance or in arrears! Found under Account > Invoice Settings, toggling this setting will automatically change the date ranges on all future and historical invoices.

Are there features you’d like to see on AdvicePay? We'd love to hear about them! Drop us an email anytime at

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