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December 2018 Release Notes

January 03, 2019 By: AdvicePay

In December, we launched some pretty serious email upgrades that we're excited to share, and also knocked out a fat stocking's worth of other upgrades and fixes. These small, sweet changes are sure to get your new year started right without compromising your diet resolution. Win-win!

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What we’re most excited about


Lots of new email features

  • Redesigned emails
  • Adding additional BCC recipients
  • Use advisor as reply-to contact
  • Add firm logo to client emails
  • Ability to export the email log


Other Features & Fixes

    • Upgraded help desk beacons. What's a beacon? Read the Release Notes below.

    • Sort clients alphabetically by last name in tables. Previously, clients were sorted by their first name. You told us that it would be more helpful to sort by last names, and we agreed!
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November 2018 release notes

December 06, 2018 By: AdvicePay

In November, we delivered on one of our most often requested feature adds: eSignature integration! Yep, we did it. All of that, and a bit more.

(We're not folks to brag, but our developers are pretty much rock stars.)

The rest of the team has been pitching in, too, getting the word out, answering your questions, and planning for what's next. Take a look!

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What we’re most excited about


You asked for it. We've got it. Now, here's what you can do with it in AdvicePay. 

Description of Services

Customize your description of services to create payment requests quickly. 

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October 2018 release notes

November 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

It's been a busy month at AdvicePay! Perhaps fueled by the early and ongoing purchase of Halloween candy, our team has been working like crazy to bring you enhanced features and customization tools. We're happy to share that many of these have been completed in response to your feedback! Thank you for helping to make AdvicePay better.

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What we’re most excited about

Audit Log

Now view a "paper trail" of key actions performed in AdvicePay by users connected to your account. 

Turn On/Off Select Client + Advisor Email Notifications

Customize the emails both you and your clients receive by turning off select notifications.

Custom Unpaid Invoice Reminder Interval Settings

Customize when your clients receive their upcoming or overdue invoice reminders.

Add Custom Messages to Client Emails

Say it your way with this new customization feature.

Email Log

Access a real-time, chronological log of relevant system emails sent to clients, users on your account, and yourself.

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September 2018 release notes

October 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

Features & Fixes

  • Database Conversion
  • Invoice Data Added to ACH Payment Failure Refund Transactions
  • Customer Email Sync with Stripe
  • Removed Extra 'Here' in Failed Payment Email Notification
  • Payout Display Bug Fix
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August release notes

September 04, 2018 By: AdvicePay

What We’re Most Excited About

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July Release Notes

August 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

July Release Notes Summary

What We’re Most Excited About:

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June release notes

June 29, 2018 By: AdvicePay
June Release Notes Summary:

What We’re Most Excited About:
  • All New Business Dashboard
  • Invite Clients & Request Payments in One Step
  • Client & Advisor IDs

Additional Features & Bug Fixes:
  • Invoices Display as Past Due
  • Easily Update Admin Permissions
  • Initial API Build
  • Removed an unnecessary comma (it’s the little things!)
  • Added a Disabled Refund Button
  • Status on Paused Subscriptions
  • Business Dashboard Data Fixes
  • Fee Calculation Updates
  • Re-Enabled Submit Button Fix
  • Sorting of Data Tables Fix

What to Look Forward to:
  • Export Data Reports with a Date Range 
  • Automatically Email Data Reports to Recipients
  • Refund a Partial Payment
  • Set a Maximum Invoice Amount on Enterprise Accounts
  • Enterprise Approval of Invoices
  • Business Dashboard for Enterprise Firm Manager
  • TD Ameritrade Single Sign On
  • Orion

All New Business Dashboard

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May release notes

June 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

May Release Notes Summary:

  • $10/Month Basic AdvicePay Account
  • Ability to sign up directly for Basic, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Read-only Advisor on Enterprise
  • Can send/resend Invite email to Unregistered clients
  • Subscription descriptions now visible
  • Refunding clients within your AdvicePay dashboard
  • Marking invoices as Paid when paid elsewhere
  • Custom invoice disclosures
  • Advanced Payments: ability to request payment on semi-annual basis 
  • Removed the ******* on the set password screen
  • Enterprise: Set Maximum Payment Periods for all firm advisors
  • Enterprise: Change an Advisor’s Access type
  • Invoice displays billing date range on subscriptions
  • Delete invoices

What to Look Forward to:
  • Business dashboard
  • Add a new client while requesting a payment
  • Overdue unpaid invoices will display a ‘Past Due’ status
  • Add an optional unique ID to clients and Enterprise advisors
  • Orion integration
  • TD Ameritrade integration

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Independent Payment Processing is Good For Financial Advisor Client Protection

May 24, 2018 By: AdvicePay

Everyone knows trust must be at the core of every good relationship, and this is even more true when money is involved. As a general rule, nobody likes to worry about money, but it remains a top concern in our highly technological world due to the ever-present risks of credit card fraud, phishing, spyware, and identity theft.

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April Release Notes

May 04, 2018 By: AdvicePay


  • Emails to clients include the advisor email address
  • Add Additional Admin Users on Professional and Enterprise
  • Cancel Unpaid/Inactive Invoices Without Notifying Clients
  • Enterprise Firm Managers Can Delete Advisors
  • Sorted Data Tables
  • Optimization of Tables on Mobile
  • Manage AdvicePay plan

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