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December 2018 Release Notes

January 03, 2019 By AdvicePay

In December, we launched some pretty serious email upgrades that we're excited to share, and also knocked out a fat stocking's worth of other upgrades and fixes. These small, sweet changes are sure to get your new year started right without compromising your diet resolution. Win-win!

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What we’re most excited about


Lots of new email features

  • Redesigned emails
  • Adding additional BCC recipients
  • Use advisor as reply-to contact
  • Add firm logo to client emails
  • Ability to export the email log


Other Features & Fixes

    • Upgraded help desk beacons. What's a beacon? Read the Release Notes below.

    • Sort clients alphabetically by last name in tables. Previously, clients were sorted by their first name. You told us that it would be more helpful to sort by last names, and we agreed!

    • Shorten payout ID to 10 characters. On exported reports, some firms needed shorter payout IDs. We’ve simplified them to show the last 10 characters only.

    • FOR ENTERPRISE: Ability for firms to allow their advisors to pay AdvicePay directly for their subscription. You can stop being the middleman now. Advisors who are part of an Enterprise group can now pay for their individual user subscription, if you prefer.

    • Move user sessions to redis. This is a bit of inside baseball...but basically, we don't have to take our app offline to deploy updates anymore, which means EVEN MORE reliable service from AdvicePay for you. Tah-dah!

    • Allow super admin to cancel user's account. We can now easily close out an advisor’s account, if needed. No more crazy steps.

    • Allow super admin to reset password update link. Support can now access a user’s reset password link and send it to a user if they’re having trouble finding their reset password email, rather than asking the devs for it. Yay!

    • Don't allow birthdate entries during the advisor sign up process that are in the future. You need to be born in order to use AdvicePay. ;)

    • Added an email to advisor + notification to Support when a payout fails. If there’s trouble with a user’s bank account that is preventing them from receiving their money, we want them to know about it ASAP.

    • Updated Stripe API Fixed bug where form data is lost when adding advisor as firm user.

  • Fixed bug that allowed empty description of services and blocked requesting the payment.

 DECEMBER Release Details


new-email-illstA number of new email capabilities are now live in AdvicePay! There were so many improvements that we released an entire blog post on this. 

Enhancements include:

  • Fresh visual look for AdvicePay-generated email
  • Ability to add additional BCC recipients
  • Advisor's email is now the reply-to contact
  • Customize automatic client emails from AdvicePay with your firm's logo
  • Ability to export the email log


Read the Epic Email Enhancements post to learn all about them! 



What is a “beacon” you ask? Beacons are how users can access our ever-growing database of tutorials and FAQs, as well as contact our Happiness Team, with just a click of a button inside AdvicePay. Powered by Help Scout, these small-but-mighty widgets are now more helpful than ever!

Here are a few things you might enjoy:

  • Hand-picked articles based on the page you’re currently viewing are displayed first, helping you to access the most relevant information, faster.

  • Articles are easier to read, and you can expand screenshot images to view their full size versions simply by clicking on them.

  • View your message history with our Happiness Team within your Beacon under the Previous Messages link. You’ll see our replies here, too!


We'd Love to Hear from You!

Are there features you’d like to see on AdvicePay? We'd love to hear about them! Drop us an email anytime at



Here's what's cooking in the AdvicePay kitchen. Look for these items in future Release Notes:

  • New Screens for Get Paid
  • New Screens for Request Payment
  • Set an Upfront Date Separate from the Subscription Date

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