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Top 5 AdvicePay Blogs of 2023 for Forward-Thinking Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Firms

January 05, 2024 By Kaitlyn Reiman
Kaitlyn Reiman

As we say goodbye to the transformative landscape of 2023, a year distinguished by substantial growth for both you and us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and share some of our most valuable resources.

In the past year, we proudly unveiled our inaugural Fee-for-Service Industry Trend Report (our Bozeman office is buzzing with excitement as we prepare to release Volume 2!). Beyond the pages of our report, our collective achievements reached new heights, processing over 1 million transactions and facilitating $500 million in financial planning fees through our platform. These accomplishments not only shine a spotlight on the success you’ve achieved with fee-for-service financial planning but also symbolize the broader industry shift towards fee-for-service financial planning as both a revenue growth opportunity and an effective means of reaching next-generation clients. In our ongoing commitment to empowering you with the latest insights, 2023 proved to be no exception. To keep you well-informed, inspired, and well-prepared for success in the new year, we’ve curated a selection of our top five blogs released throughout 2023 (plus a few extra gems at the end.)

Top 5 Blogs of 2023

  1. What’s New? Three Key Trends from AdvicePay’s Latest Report on Fee-for-Service Financial Planning
  2. Why Giving Away Financial Planning for Free as a Financial Advisor May Haunt Your Practice
  3. The Power of Niche Marketing as a Financial Advisor
  4. Webinar Recap: Scaling Oversight of Fee-for-Service Financial Planning 
  5. Evaluating Your Billing & payment Solution: Key Questions to Ask as a Financial Advisor

Bonus Content

  1. Calculating the ROI of AdvicePay: An Investment Worth Every Penny
  2. This Secure Act 2.0 Provision Expand Fee-for-Service Planning Opportunities for Small Business Clients and Their Employees
  3. Webinar Replay: Scaling Fee-for-Service Into a Revenue Center For Your Enterprise with Michael Kitces & Alan Moore

As we embrace 2024, we're eager to continue powering your fee-for-service capabilities. In fact, a recent WealthManagement article acknowledged AdvicePay as a tech trend to watch in 2024, echoing the rise in financial planning and non-AUM fees. Michael Kitces, AdvicePay Co-Founder, encapsulates it perfectly– “In a similar manner to how the technology platform pioneered by Schwab Advisor Services enabled independent RIAs to be able to scalably bill AUM fees for the first time in the 1990s, catalyzing an entire shift in industry business models, AdvicePay is uniquely positioned to drive the next industry-wide business model shift to fee-for-service financial planning.”

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From the entire AdvicePay Team, Happy New Year!


Posted by Kaitlyn Reiman

As AdvicePay’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Kaitlyn plays a major role in implementing our marketing strategies across digital platforms. Kaitlyn earned her degree in Business Marketing at Montana State University (#GoCats!) Not only did she find a love for all things blue and gold there, but she also found her passion for marketing. When Kaitlyn isn’t crafting social media posts and emails, she can be found exploring new eateries, volunteering as a Chapter Advisor for a local sorority, and watching Outlander while dreaming of her one-day vacation to Scotland.