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How Often Should I Bill My Clients?

May 27, 2020 By Honor Randall
Honor Randall

AdvicePay may make it easy for your clients to make automatic recurring payments, but you’ll still need to decide what frequency -- monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual -- works best for you and your clients. While it’s certainly important to take your clients wishes into account, here are a few common cases where each frequency makes the most sense.


  • Clients are paying directly from their income or cashflow
  • You’re working with your client to build good budgeting habits
  • Receiving consistent monthly revenue best prepares you for business expenses



What about annual billing?

While annual billing can be a simple way to package your services and the payment can coincide with annual review meetings, there is a possibility of triggering custody (described above). We made the decision not to support annual subscriptions to ensure we’re helping you remain compliant!

What We’re Seeing Among AdvicePay Users

In both 2018 and 2019, our users overwhelmingly preferred monthly subscriptions. Here’s a breakdown for each frequency:

  • 92% of subscriptions were monthly
  • 7% of subscriptions were quarterly
  • 1% of subscriptions were semi-annual

Choosing an appropriate subscription frequency may seem like a small decision, but I encourage you to consider how it affects you, your clients, and your business. This decision can help clients feel more comfortable with their payments and keep you and your business thriving.

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Posted by Honor Randall

Honor is AdvicePay’s Product Owner. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for market trends, Honor is at the forefront of driving product development and ensuring customer satisfaction. Having worked in the financial industry for over five years, Honor has honed a versatile skill set that combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of industry needs. When she’s not helping bridge the gap between our product development and strategy, you can find Honor running, cooking, and exploring National Parks with her family.

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