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May 2020 Release Notes

June 04, 2020 By Erika Madden
Erika Madden

From eSignature updates to digital wallet payments, our team has been working full steam ahead to deliver some amazing updates to AdvicePay.

Check out our release notes below to get an overview of everything new and a sneak peek at what is just around the corner (hint: mobile check deposits coming soon!) 🤑

What we're most excited about 🎉

Now accepting Digital Wallet payments!


We are committed to making your clients’ payment experience through AdvicePay speedy, convenient, and yes: even enjoyable! This is why we’re now accepting credit and debit card payments made with a digital wallet. Instead of going through the process of adding card information manually, clients can use one of their stored cards to pay invoices and subscriptions quickly via Apple Pay, Google Play, or Microsoft Pay. 

Our system is mobile-friendly and clients can make payments without creating an AdvicePay account or logging in to their existing account, so this is just the cherry on top to providing an instantaneous billing experience for you and your clients!

Tips: Transaction fees for credit and debit card payments made via the digital wallet are charged at the same rate as manually entered credit/debit card information! Also, if you don’t accept credit/debit cards as a method of payment from clients, they will not see the Digital Wallet option when they go to pay. :)


Edit a (new) client’s email address


If you’ve ever made a mistake when entering a client’s email address into AdvicePay (or added a client under their email when it needed to be under their spouse’s email instead!), this update is for you. :)

When typos happen or adjustments need to be made with a newly entered client’s email, you can now make edits -- eliminating the need to start everrrrrything over from scratch. As long as the client is still Unregistered and doesn't have any payment information entered into their account, you will see the option to update their email when you edit their profile.

If you update an email and the client has inactive subscriptions, unpaid invoices, and/or unsigned eSignature documents, all future automatic and manual reminders will go to the new email. Yippee!

(One of the ways we stay compliant and secure is by not giving a firm the ability to change the email after a client has established their account password or has payment information entered into their account. These clients have the ability to update their own email address when they are logged in to their account.)


Send documents out for eSignature to recipients who share an email 


Sending documents out for eSignature just got even simpler! After several of our users told us that they had clients who shared an email address and both needed to be able to eSign the same document, we went to work to find a solution. We now support the ability to validate and collect unique signatures, whether or not the recipients’ email addresses are the same or different!  

Read up on how to send out documents in AdvicePay


Custom client attributes



Help your firm stay organized by adding unique client profile properties! With our new Client Attributes functionality (available for Professional and Enterprise users), you can customize your client’s profile like never before.

Whether you just want to differentiate between clients who may share the same name, easily reference additional information like a phone number, or get more advanced by displaying the plan levels and/or services the client receives, you can do it all with the Attributes feature. You can add multiple fields to client profiles and even choose which are required and which are optional.

To read more on our best practices and suggested use-cases, catch up on the blog post by our Product Owner, Mary Moore!

Next, read the how-to on our knowledge base: Client Attributes

Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Add Template name to documents table
  • Update Managing Advisor terminology
  • Updated password creation flow when confirming account
  • Added ability to edit the DBA when editing an advisor
  • Add firm logo to “Contact Advisor” modal in clients’ accounts
  • Improve plaid authenticate error handling
  • eSign “primary recipient” updates
  • Update Schwab SAML
  • GrowSurf Integration
  • Add Strict Transport Security Header
  • Growsurf to a goroutine
  • Fix for error sending confirmation email when deleting firm
  • Fix for account showing old logo on new invoices
  • Fix for client and eSign agreement sync when requesting a payment
  • Fix for kicking off multiple users logged in to same account
  • Fix for Android Chrome Vue Input bug
  • Fix for incorrect Next Bill Date
  • Fix for Stripe sentry error related to payment confirmation

What to Look Forward to:

  • Mobile check deposit 
  • Swap + replace underlying documents in an eSign template
  • Mark payments on a subscription as paid
  • Variable signers

Before you go:

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