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May 2021 Release Notes

June 02, 2021 By Lana Dalton
Lana Dalton

Welcome to May’s release notes! This past development cycle, our team continued to make helpful additions to our new Enterprise-level Deliverables feature. Some smaller improvements you may also notice include better client searchability within AdvicePay and less system emails going to spam/junk folders.

Let’s dive into our release notes below to check out everything new and get a sneak peek at what is just around the corner!


What we're most excited about 🎉

Deliverables Enhancements 

Our Deliverables feature on Enterprise was released back in April and we’ve been busy ever since adding popular enhancements! Here are two fun additions added this month:

eSign Documents as Deliverable Evidence

Firms can now set up templates giving advisors the option to submit an eSign document as evidence of the deliverable. This eSign option integrates with your existing HelloSign or DocuSign integration, making it cinch to get a document signed and included as evidence!

deliverables rn 1

Deliverables rn 2


Custom Deliverable Due Dates

Firms also now have the ability to set up Deliverables templates with custom due dates. This allows you to select any date (past, current, or future) that you want that deliverable submitted by, versus having it automatically calculated based on an “invoice paid” or “agreement signed” date:

deliverables rn 3-1


Read here for all the details on how to set up Deliverable templates, as well as how to submit eSign documents as evidence!


Other Features & Bug Fixes 

  • Added Deliverables activity to the Audit Log
  • Added immediate notification when there is an invoice available for Approval
  • Updated Advanced Split Rep codes so the client’s advisor is always required
  • Added ability to search clients + advisors in AdvicePay by full name
  • Added alt text to logo images in emails for better accessibility
  • Added friendlier message for Docusign error
  • Changed AdvicePay’s email sender address to improve deliverability
  • Removed "click here" text from email footer to reduce chances our emails are caught up in spam filters!
  • Added advisorID to transactions on API
  • Added advisorExternalID to advanced split rep code on API
  • Corrected API docs for Admin/Advisor
  • Added metadata to API docs for advisor create/update
  • Plaid authentication update
  • Added Plaid link customization in order to show different versions to different users if needed
  • Upgraded to Go 1.16 and other DevOps quarterly maintenance tasks
  • Fix for canceling SMS verification results in invalid state
  • Fix for ignoring Docusign "sent" webhook for docs sent via DocuSign UI
  • Fix for deliverable emails being sent to No-login advisors 
  • Fix for removing advisor link to other office advisors in template index
  • Fix for applying internal Ent+ designation to admins when switching in Super Admin


What to Look Forward to:

  • Elimination of "Failed" invoice emails for subscription invoices marked offline as paid
  • More Deliverables enhancements (we just can’t stop!) 
  • Engagements

Before you go:

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