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December 2020 Release Notes

January 06, 2021 By Erika Madden
Erika Madden

2020 was a year filled with change, challenges, and adaptation. Let's celebrate putting a bookend to last year with our December 2020 Release Notes! This past month, we released a new integration and also worked on some small but sweet updates in the app.

Check out everything new in AdvicePay and get a sneak peek at what is to come in the new year.

What we’re most excited about 🎉

PreciseFP Integration

AP PreciseFP Integration

We are excited to announce our integration with PreciseFP! The integration is bi-directional, meaning that data can flow from PreciseFP to AdvicePay, and vice versa. Contact details, including custom contact fields, can be shared between the two applications, and invoice information is available to be imported into PreciseFP and routed to PreciseFP’s other integration partners as well.

With this integration, you are able to:

  • Export, link, and/or update PreciseFP prospects and clients to AdvicePay
  • Import client profile data from AdvicePay into PreciseFP
  • Pull client invoice information from AdvicePay into PreciseFP

Check out our full HelpDesk article to get instructions on how to connect PreciseFP to AdvicePay here.

AdvicePay and PreciseFP will be hosting a live webinar demonstration of the integration on Tuesday, January 12th, 12:00 PM MST. Register here.


Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Better security and self-service around OAuth2 integrations
  • Purge policy
  • Updated legacy API unit tests
  • Added new firm coupon property to HubSpot 
  • Updated AMI to improve time sync
  • Removed needless publish to Sentry on invoice.payment_failed Stripe webhook
  • Added rate limit to Agreements download endpoint
  • Added Refund Payment API endpoint
  • Show Annual Fee Increase on Fee Calculator
  • Fix for making payment via the overdue reminder before document is signed
  • Fix for manual entry on date range 
  • Fix for fee escalation not calculating on upcoming invoice
  • Fix for unintended Purge policy login deletion
  • Fix for description not appearing for client viewing details on upfront
  • Fix for preventing users from editing HelloSign template until HelloSign has finished processing
  • Fix for preventing user from changing signers on an existing template
  • Fix for invoice preview stale state

What to Look Forward to:

  • Deliverables
  • Salesforce integration

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