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Webinar Recap: Scaling Oversight of Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

June 28, 2023 By AdvicePay

Financial institutions that support fee-for-service financial planning enable their financial professionals to engage high-income, low-asset households traditionally turned away under the assets-under-management billing model, establish a recurring revenue stream not tied to stock market volatility, and generate revenue from ongoing planning engagements in addition to growing wallet share from existing clients.

In a recent webinar, industry executives at Northwestern Mutual, Hornor, Townsend & Kent (HTK), and Lincoln Financial Network gathered to shed light on their approach to scaling fee-for-service financial planning within their institutions and how they have traded in their manual processes for technology-assisted workflows. The results of these efforts speak for themselves, with notable results in increased revenue generation, advisor satisfaction, and more. For instance, HTK experienced a 27% reduction in paperwork and had 51% more people applying to want to do fee-based financial planning after implementing AdvicePay. 

Watch our five-minute recap video showcasing how these financial institutions have harnessed technology, improved processes, and achieved remarkable results.


Want to watch the full webinar? Click here

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