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April 2021 Release Notes

May 04, 2021 By Lana Dalton
Lana Dalton

April showers bring...Salesforce additions, Deliverable for Enterprise, and a multitude of other feature enhancements! That’s how it goes, right? 

Check out our full roundup of everything new in AdvicePay and get a sneak peek at what is just around the corner!

What we're most excited about 🎉

Salesforce Additions

We are excited to release a few additions to our Salesforce Integration! We’ve expanded the ways we can support your Salesforce account based on your configuration. We now support organizations using Practifi, and the Financial Services Cloud with personal or individual accounts. You can find details for the various supported setups here in our Knowledge Base! 

We also have a step by step tutorial to get your AdvicePay account integrated with Salesforce here!


Deliverables for Enterprise

Operationalizing and scaling a large volume of recurring financial planning fees can be challenging, and it can be even more challenging to oversee advisors charging such fees to ensure they’re actually providing the appropriate financial planning deliverables. That is why we are excited to announce our latest enterprise feature -- Deliverables. 

With AdvicePay Deliverables, all fee-for-service financial planning is tracked in one place. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in transit by easily tracking open, past-due, and completed financial planning deliverables. Avoid fee-for-no-service compliance risks by validating the quality of service that was delivered. 

Deliverables Screenshot

Benefits of Deliverables: 

  • Avoid regulatory fines: Efficiently provide validation to regulators that the financial plan was delivered for the fees that were charged. Support fee-for-service and avoid fee-for-no-service!
  • Efficient workflows: With our scalable Deliverables feature, you can review deliverables in real-time -- for ALL of your advisors -- and throw out that spreadsheet for good!
  • Centralize financial plan oversight and payments: Your agreements, payments, and deliverables all live in the same system, ensuring all fee-for-service is tracked in one place.

Learn more about Deliverables here or, reach out to your Enterprise Relationship Manager at to begin using it at your firm. 


Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Advanced rep code settings created
  • Added protected mode to custom properties
  • Change overdue and upcoming reminders for sub OTP to point to main invoice
  • Refresh subscription when invoice is canceled 
  • Email validation preventing client name update
  • Sort order leading user to believe that duplicate upcoming invoices existed
  • Refund information not appearing on transfers page
  • Server hardening and vulnerability updates
  • Salesforce Additions
  • Pen test remediation
  • Added Client and Advisor External ID to Agreements endpoint
  • Added SMS verification to view signed DocuSign documents
  • Added the ability for HO to submit Deliverables
  • Added the ability to create new deliverables from agreements and connect them
  • Added advisor metadata to public API create and update
  • Fix for payments paid via CC over 1 month ago still showing as "In Transit" on Transfers page
  • Fix for disallowing plan upgrade to ent+ from the UI
  • Fix for template button appearing when it shouldn't
  • Fix for adding email validation for BCC recipients
  • Fix for being unable to choose single day for transaction report
  • Fix for advisor custom properties appearing on client export
  • Fix for client export failing with large number of custom properties
  • Fix for expired registration link leading client to create advisor account
  • Fix for next bill date and last bill date not matching
  • Fix for deleting SSO ID
  • Fix for no-login advisor not obeying account owner's email settings
  • Fix and report on XYPN subs that didn't have coupon code discount applied retroactively
  • Fix for admin receiving error message when requesting payment


What to Look Forward to:

  • Deliverables Enhancements 

Before you go:

Have a feature you'd like to see?

Visit our idea submission page on our website anytime to share your thoughts with our team!

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Lana is a Happiness Champion (aka Relationship Manager) at AdvicePay and loves helping enterprise users implement and optimize the AdvicePay platform. After graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle, Lana spent the past three years working in the tech industry, helping organizations implement software, create training content, and establish onboarding processes. When she’s not helping our enterprise users, you can find Lana trail running, backcountry skiing, and cooking different types of cuisine.

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