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February 2020 Release Notes

March 12, 2020 By Erika Madden
Erika Madden

We started our spring cleaning early this year! This past month we focused our efforts on squashing bugs and adding some often requested features to our eSignature integration.

Take a look at what's new in AdvicePay, and get a sneak peek at what is just around the corner.  

What we’re most excited about 🎉

Firm-Level Signing Order


To provide our users with more flexibility when using the eSignature integration, we released a couple of exciting features last month!

Now, when adding more than one signee Role to an eSignature template, we give firms the option to enable and set the signing order for that specific template. (Previously, a signing order could only be established on a per-contract basis.) This signing order will then be the default on all contracts generated from that template, making sending out contracts an even faster, mistake-proof affair. 😊

Along with this, we also added template-level control over whether the set signing order is editable when an associated contract is sent out. This allows for firms with stricter controls to set a signing order that cannot be changed by any advisor on their account, while other firms can leave this disabled and enjoy the option to customize the default signing order for certain clients as-needed.

Go here to learn more about setting up, sending, and signing documents in AdvicePay!

Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Added a subscription’s frequency to final payment request screen 
  • Capture Stripe refund event updates
  • Add gosec and npm audit to deploy pipelines
  • AdvicePay/Hubspot internal integration fix
  • Fix for HelloSign confirm dialog appearing when reloading page after signing is complete
  • Fix for internal sentry errors related to canceling subscriptions and failed payments for deleted users
  • Fix for error during invoice approvals due to a deleted client

What to Look Forward to:

  • Offices (Enterprise-level organization)
  • Fee Calculator additions 
  • Client experience improvements!

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