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Benefits of the AdvicePay Client Portal

June 09, 2020 By Honor Randall
Honor Randall

One unique feature of AdvicePay is that your clients don’t have to set up a client portal to make payments. While we offer this flexibility to make it simple for clients (and to accommodate those who just don’t want another set of log-in credentials), I encourage you and your clients to consider the benefits of their own AdvicePay portal.

Control Emails & Notifications

By default, clients will receive a recurring payment email reminder before a payment is due and a second email with a payment receipt. Since regulators want to see that advisors aren’t able to turn off these notifications, clients can manage their email preferences under their Account Settings. 

client portal - manage emails

Update Personal Information

In our effort to keep you compliant and protect sensitive client information, advisors are unable to update client email addresses after payment information is on file. If your client needs to update their email address or their bank account information, they’re able to do so in their client portal. 

client portal - manage bank account

View Invoices

While invoices are accessible by you (and your admins) to access, sometimes clients may want to view these on their own times. Past invoices are easily accessible through their account.

Client portal - invoices


Adding an Additional User

Working with a couple? Clients can add their partner as an additional user, allowing them to view invoice/subscription information and take actions (like making payments or updating billing information) while keeping separate log-in credentials. We also see business owners add administrative assistants as well!


While some clients will gravitate towards making payments without an account, I recommend educating them on the benefits, but if they prefer not to, no worries! That’s why that option is there! 

For helpful articles written specifically for clients, check out our Client Knowledge Base. Below are a few links I encourage you to keep handy. And, as always, we encourage your clients (and you!) to email our Happiness Heroes at for any questions! 

Client Articles to Keep Nearby 


Posted by Honor Randall

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