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November 2018 release notes

December 06, 2018 By AdvicePay

In November, we delivered on one of our most often requested feature adds: eSignature integration! Yep, we did it. All of that, and a bit more.

(We're not folks to brag, but our developers are pretty much rock stars.)

The rest of the team has been pitching in, too, getting the word out, answering your questions, and planning for what's next. Take a look!

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What we’re most excited about


You asked for it. We've got it. Now, here's what you can do with it in AdvicePay. 

Description of Services

Customize your description of services to create payment requests quickly. 

Other Features & Fixes

  • Style fixes to the Audit Log filter panel: Ahh, that's better.
  • Added sentry notification for failed web hooks : Nerdy, yet helpful.
  • Enabled eSignature billing for XYPN Member-AdvicePay subscribers: We would never leave you out of the eSignature party!
  • Fix for refund button: If a client is deleted, the refund button is disabled.

 NOVEMBER Release Details



Now available as an upgrade for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Streamline your new client workflow with eSignature in AdvicePay! We're excited to offer eSignature functionality through our partnership with HelloSign to help you simplify your client experience and workflow. 

eSignature in AdvicePay allows you to:

  • Easily upload unlimited client agreement templates;
  • Send a client agreement for signature to one or multiple signers;
  • Send a payment agreement for signature at the same time, or separately;
  • Process unlimited signatures in AdvicePay for one, monthly fee;
  • Know you're staying compliant within the AdvicePay workflow!


Need more information?

Learn more on our website   or   Read the new Help desk article 



Save your standard descriptions of services to speed up creation of your payment requests! Learn how to enter a service description that you want to plug into your invoices in this Help Desk article.

We'd Love to Hear from You!

Are there features you’d like to see on AdvicePay? We'd love to hear about them! Drop us an email anytime at



Here's what's cooking in the AdvicePay kitchen. Look for these items in future Release Notes:

Redesigned AdvicePay Emails. Prepare to look customized and swanky.

Even more Email Customizations. Even. More. 

Ability for Enterprise firms to allow their advisors to pay AdvicePay for their subscription. Say goodbye to that extra middleman task.

New Help Desk Search + Contact Form. Making it easier to find answers or ask for them! (BTW, we love helping you.)

New Screens for Get Paid. Simplified ways to find and sort the information you need.

New Request Payment. Because you like getting paid.

Set and Upfront Date separate from the Subscription Date. Options, options, options.

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