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Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

Erika Madden | Happiness Hero
Erika is the reason you’ll keep smiling, even in the (rare) event you have an issue with AdvicePay. As a mom of three kids with a Journalism degree, a long history of leading customer service, and a mild obsession with Lord of the Rings (extended version), you know Erika has the patience and tenacity to stick with whatever challenge comes up. Her problem-solving and communication skills are amazing, but honestly, it’s her volunteer advocacy work with victims of domestic abuse that makes her our real hero.

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February Release Notes

March 04, 2019 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

Ahhh, February -- the month of love! This month, our team gave some love to our eSignature features (lots of new stuff there), AdvicePay’s shiny new integration abilities with Quickbooks and other accounting software (boom), and Client Email Control settings -- to name a few.

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How to Be AdvicePay Happy: Overdue Invoice Reminders

February 27, 2019 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

Hi there! Erika here, your AdvicePay Happiness Hero. I’m coming to you today to alleviate your very next non-burrito-related episode of heartburn due to...overdue invoices!

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How to be AdvicePay Happy: Client Payments

February 11, 2019 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

Hi there! Erika here. :) I’m the Happiness Hero for AdvicePay -- which means that I’m here for any and all questions about the AdvicePay system. Consider me your personal consultant on how to get most out of our amazing tool!

Thanks to some smart questions from our users, I’ve gathered a number of tips and reminders (I call them “HAPPINESS HINTS”) that can make using AdvicePay a breeze.

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Janaury 2019 Release Notes

February 04, 2019 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

It's a cold start to Feburrrrrary! We hope you're keeping warm where you are!

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Epic Email Enhancements in AdvicePay

December 20, 2018 By: Erika Madden | Happiness Hero

More customization, more controls

At AdvicePay, we're all about making you more efficient with streamlined, compliant workflows, but it is also our goal to help foster great relationships between you and your clients. That's why we've invested significant development time over the past few months to upgrade our AdvicePay email functionality. 

You Asked, We Listened

Many of the upgrades now available were created in direct response to ideas and requests from our users. Thank you! We're always eager to chat about anything that can make AdvicePay even better. 

Here's What's New

  • A new, sleeker look + the ability to add your firm's logo.
  • Advisor is now the Reply-To contact for most emails to clients (except for things like Reset Password requests) so they can get in touch with questions about their payment faster!
  • Ability to turn on/off select client + advisor email notifications.
  • Custom Unpaid Invoice Reminder interval settings.
  • Ability to add BCC recipients for client email notifications, as well as additional recipients for advisor’s direct notifications.
  • Ability to add custom messages to client emails.
  • Email Log + ability to export a log report.
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