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September 2019 Release Notes

October 04, 2019 By Erika Madden
Erika Madden


We're officially beyond a full week into fall and it is time to take stock of all that happened this past month. We launched several improvements, new features, and even an integration in September. 

Scan our full blog post below get info on all of September's new features, improvements, and integrations. 

What we’re most excited about:

Editing the Amount on an Active Subscription

editing amount on a subscription

We have added the ability for you to edit the amount on a subscription so that you don't have to cancel it and create a new one every time you want to make a fee change! To remain a compliant payment platform, clients must approve an edit that increases the Amount on an active (ongoing) subscription. Fee reductions do not require the client's approval.

(You also have the ability to recall the fee increase at any time before the client approves it.)

Once the client approves the change, the amount will update to the new fee and will automatically bill the client's existing payment method on the upcoming bill date. Read more about how editing subscription amounts work!


Pausing a Subscription

pausing a subscription

Subscriptions can be paused for a time period you designate, and they will automatically resume once the pause period ends. Additionally, if circumstances change, you can manually resume a paused subscription at any time!

(This is helpful for situations where a client is going through a temporary hardship, you’re revisiting the client’s planning arrangements, etc.)

Your client will be notified via email when a subscription is paused and resumed! All activity related to pausing and resuming subscriptions is also recorded in your Audit Log.

How to Pause a Subscription 


Redesigned Client Portal!

Client Portal

It’s been a minute since our client accounts received some design love! Refreshed to be fully mobile friendly and a cinch to use, the client dashboard is now the perfect way to access all the important information related to payments and contracts!

On the Dashboard we'll show your clients:

  • Unpaid one-time invoices
  • Inactive subscriptions that need authorization/payment
  • Failed one-time invoices that need retried
  • Actively billing subscriptions
  • Contracts needing signature

We also added new Invoice and Subscription pages to help clients view and manage any payment in a simple, straightforward manner. See more about this on our client help desk!

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Subscription page Audit trail
  • Stripe API upgrade
  • Tweak list of contract signee options based on permissions
  • Coupon usage SuperAdmin page 
  • Greater flexibility with allowed names 
  • Tiny SuperAdmin enhancement to show if Advisors are read-only/no-login
  • Fix Dashboard discrepancy for user
  • Fix for client billing upon approving subscription increase
  • Fix pausing resume date calculation
  • Fix for upcoming invoice reminder sent to clients with paused subs
  • Fix data discrepancy in HubSpot (internal)

What to Look Forward to:

  • Split/Rep Codes
  • Fee Escalation

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Posted by Erika Madden

Erika is the reason you’ll keep smiling, even in the (rare) event you have an issue with AdvicePay. As a mom of three kids with a Journalism degree, a long history of leading customer service, and a mild obsession with Lord of the Rings (extended version), you know Erika has the patience and tenacity to stick with whatever challenge comes up. Her problem-solving and communication skills are amazing, but honestly, it’s her volunteer advocacy work with victims of domestic abuse that makes her our real hero.

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