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2019 Year In Review

December 20, 2019 By Mary Moore
Mary Moore

We’ve accomplished a lot together in 2019. For our team, it was all about you — our amazing community of advisors. That is why in 2019, we launched almost 100 new features, and we could not have done it without YOU! That’s right, most of our features came from your suggestions.

Before we kick off 2020, let's take a look back at 2019 and celebrate our accomplishments together. Be sure to stay until the end of the video to hear a message from AdvicePay CEO & co-founder, Alan Moore. 



1. Wealthbox + Redtail Integration

It is our goal to streamline your existing processes, make your workflows more efficient, and make sure you and your clients are having the best experience possible. Our integrations with Wealthbox CRM and Redtail CRM have taken that goal to the NEXT level. These integrations allow you to sync and access your client data across both platforms, making onboarding of clients easier and creating a more seamless experience.


"The idea and innovation behind the AdvicePay platform has such an amazing opportunity to streamline billing and processing for advisors... Your customer service is amazing and you have a lot of fantastic features on your platform. Keep up the good work." 


2. Fee Calculator

This gem was pushed live in July. It is built right into AdvicePay and allows you to easily calculate your fees for one-time and on-going payments under the fee-for-service model. You can then send invoices reflecting that calculated amount. Using our fee calculator allows you to standardize fees at your firm, increase transparency with regulators, more efficiently manage billing, and boost your confidence during those fee conversations, ultimately finding the best clients for your firm and getting paid for the value you provide.


"Very smooth integration and your complexity calculator has helped me enroll 3 of my highest paid retainer clients so far! Thanks for all you do!


3. Auto Fee Escalation

Our auto fee escalation feature allows you to effortlessly (and compliantly) increase existing and new subscription fees each year by adding an automatic fee escalation! You can add fee escalations to existing or new subscriptions. 

Need some tips on implementing fee escalations into your practice? Check out this blog post.


"Don't bother trying to set up with any other merchants"


4. eSignature Upgrades

In August, we added the ability for you to create a signing order.  Does a compliance officer or supervisor need to sign a contract before it goes out to your clients for signature? When should an advisor sign the contract? With the added ability to create a signing order, your firm can collect all of the signatures it needs in the correct order they need them. We also added the ability for you to give access to other users on the account when creating a new eSignature template.  Lastly, you have the ability to set restrictions on what is sent to clients by requiring advisors to use templates that you have created. Check out these eSignature tips.

Bonus: eSignature is now FREE for professional and enterprise accounts. 

 "I love the changes you guys make; they're always improvements and not just change for the sake of change." 


5. Overall Experience

This year alone, we added or updated a total of 89 articles to our HelpDesk, provided help to over 1,400 users like you, and processed over $20,000,000 in financial planning transaction fees! Our mission is to help you get the most out of AdvicePay so that it works effortlessly for you and your clients, and you can get on with your day!

It is also true that some of our best ideas for system improvements and enhancements have come from our users. Do you have a great idea for AdvicePay developers? Let us know!


"Super fast response, very helpful in answering my questions, and went above and beyond in anticipating needs and addressing them. Really outstanding job."



We're excited about what's ahead for you in 2020. If this past year is any indication, we're about to do some incredible things together!


Posted by Mary Moore

Mary leads the ongoing product development of AdvicePay. Since she holds a degree in Financial Planning from the University of Illinois, grew up on a farm, claims to have an inner Pioneer Woman, and now is a passionate remodeler of her 1910’s craftsman house, Mary is pretty much the perfect person to make everything-AdvicePay better. When she’s not changing the world through billing and payment solutions, Mary can be found at her favorite PureBarre class or sipping drinks in a local spot, dreaming of her one-day vacation to Bora Bora.

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