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December 2019 Release Notes

January 08, 2020 By Erika Madden
Erika Madden

We’re already a full week into January and what better way is there to kick off the new year then reflect on everything that happened this past month? In December, we knocked out one of your most requested features -- increased firm logo size on invoices and emails. In addition to that, our devs worked on some serious behind-the-scene upgrades to our app. 

Check out everything that is new in AdvicePay below. 


What we’re most excited about:

Bigger, bolder logos 

AdvicePay Logos

Yes, it’s finally here! Your AdvicePay account is now sporting increased firm logo sizes on all client invoices, as well as in emails. One of our most popular requests ever, this little (pardon the pun!) change will make your firm’s custom logo stand out and ensure clients always know + trust who is communicating with them.

P.S. There is nothing you need to do to see this change in your account -- it’s been applied automatically! If you don’t have a custom logo uploaded yet, get started here


Other Features & Bug Fixes:

  • Added flow for retrying failed payments on a subscription
  • Mark disputed payments as “refunded”
  • Updated information screen for Internet Explorer browsers
  • Add transaction ID to public transfers endpoint
  • Fix for editing a subscription w/ a contract that has started the signing process
  • Fix for updating main invoice of subscription when applying a fee change
  • + Behind-the-scenes work to clean up our tech debt!

What to Look Forward to:

  • New Enterprise Approvals tables
  • Ability to fully delete canceled subscriptions
  • Custom disclosure language for emails
  • Tracking of eSign emails

Have a feature you’d like to see? Let us know by submitting your idea here.

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Posted by Erika Madden

Erika is the reason you’ll keep smiling, even in the (rare) event you have an issue with AdvicePay. As a mom of three kids with a Journalism degree, a long history of leading customer service, and a mild obsession with Lord of the Rings (extended version), you know Erika has the patience and tenacity to stick with whatever challenge comes up. Her problem-solving and communication skills are amazing, but honestly, it’s her volunteer advocacy work with victims of domestic abuse that makes her our real hero.

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