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April Release Notes

May 04, 2018 By AdvicePay


  • Emails to clients include the advisor email address
  • Add Additional Admin Users on Professional and Enterprise
  • Cancel Unpaid/Inactive Invoices Without Notifying Clients
  • Enterprise Firm Managers Can Delete Advisors
  • Sorted Data Tables
  • Optimization of Tables on Mobile
  • Manage AdvicePay plan

What to Look Forward to:

  • $10/Month Basic AdvicePay Account
  • Refunding clients within your AdvicePay dashboard
  • Marking invoices as Paid when paid elsewhere
  • Custom invoice disclosures
  • Editing an unpaid invoice
  • View Only Advisor on Enterprise
  • Plus more!

Advisor's Email Address Added to Emails to Clients

advisors email added to emails

If one of your goals this year has been to improve your client communication, you’re in luck! To help your clients get in touch faster when they have a billing question, your email address is now included in our automatic email notifications.

Professional and Enterprise Accounts Can Add Additional Administrative Users

add a user

You can now add a 2nd (or even 3rd!) user to your AdvicePay account by granting them either Admin or Billing administrative access.

Ideal for operation managers and paraplanners, the Administrative level of access will allow your additional user to invite clients, set up billing, track and manage payments and more. They will not be able to change your billing information, or the bank account that receives client funds, so you never have to worry about granting too much access!

The Billing user type grants the ability to login to AdvicePay and view all of the necessary information, however they can't make any changes. We like to call this view-only, as they will be able to see your client information, billing you have setup, and download a transaction report, but they won't be able to invite clients or set up a new billing schedule for your clients. This user type is ideal for your billing manager, bookkeeper, or administrative assistant that needs to be able to reconcile billing, but not actually make any changes to your account.

There is not a fee for adding users, so click here to learn how to start adding them!

Cancel Unpaid/Inactive Invoices Without Notifying Client

cancel unpaid invoices without notifying client

When setting up a request for payment, mistakes sometimes happen or revisions need to be made. We’ve made doing this a little nicer by removing the cancellation email notifications for unpaid and inactive invoices, so clients don’t get unnecessary alerts about every change you make!

Now the only time a client will receive an email notification that an invoice has been canceled is after they’ve already taken action on it (for instance, they’ve authorized payment on subscription).

Sorted Data Tables

sorted data tables

We’ve been working on making the way we display information more intuitive, so you can see the most important things first. On the Get Paid screen, subscriptions and invoices now sort in the order of:

  • Failed
  • Inactive
  • Active
  • Canceled

In addition, the dates sort by Next Bill Date so that the newest date is at the top.

On the Transfers screen, payouts to your account now sort by Arrival Date/Estimated Arrival Date with the most recent date first.

 Enterprise Firm Managers Can Delete Advisors on Their Account


 If you need to delete an advisor, we make transitioning clients a breeze! All of a deleted advisor's clients will be automatically transferred to the firm manager's account and they’ll continue to have AdvicePay access. Furthermore, all client invoices that are unpaid, failed, or pending -- included all subscriptions except those that have been canceled -- will get moved to the firm manager's account as well.

See more on deleting advisors

Downgrade An Enterprise Account

Downgrade An Enterprise Account

If the Enterprise plan no longer fits your firm's needs, you can downgrade to our single advisor Professional plan right from your account settings! Here's how. 

We build AdvicePay for you! If you have a specific feature request you’d like to see, please shoot us an email at!


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