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September 2018 release notes

October 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

Features & Fixes

  • Database Conversion
  • Invoice Data Added to ACH Payment Failure Refund Transactions
  • Customer Email Sync with Stripe
  • Removed Extra 'Here' in Failed Payment Email Notification
  • Payout Display Bug Fix
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August release notes

September 04, 2018 By: AdvicePay

What We’re Most Excited About

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July Release Notes

August 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

July Release Notes Summary

What We’re Most Excited About:

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June release notes

June 29, 2018 By: AdvicePay
June Release Notes Summary: What We’re Most Excited About:
  • All New Business Dashboard
  • Invite Clients & Request Payments in One Step
  • Client & Advisor IDs
Additional Features & Bug Fixes:
  • Invoices Display as Past Due
  • Easily Update Admin...
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May release notes

June 01, 2018 By: AdvicePay

May Release Notes Summary:

  • $10/Month Basic AdvicePay Account
  • Ability to sign up directly for Basic, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Read-only Advisor on Enterprise
  • Can send/resend Invite email to Unregistered clients
  • Subscription descriptions now visible
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Independent Payment Processing is Good For Financial Advisor Client Protection

May 24, 2018 By: AdvicePay

Everyone knows trust must be at the core of every good relationship, and this is even more true when money is involved. As a general rule, nobody likes to worry about money, but it remains a top concern in our highly technological world due to the...

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April Release Notes

May 04, 2018 By: AdvicePay


  • Emails to clients include the advisor email address
  • Add Additional Admin Users on Professional and Enterprise
  • Cancel Unpaid/Inactive Invoices Without Notifying Clients
  • Enterprise Firm Managers Can Delete Advisors
  • Sorted...
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March Release Notes

April 30, 2018 By: AdvicePay

March Release Notes Summary:

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