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New Feature Release: eSignature Permissions & Signing Order

August 01, 2019 By Mary Moore
Mary Moore

Getting your client agreement signed and get paid all in one, easy workflow is now EVEN easier! So what's new in eSignature? We have added the ability to create a signing order so that your firm can collect all of the signatures it needs in the correct order they need them. With this feature you can also track who has signed and where the contract stands!

Additionally, we have added user permissions so that you can require other advisors at your firm to use the eSignature templates you have created.

Get all the details below from Mary Moore, Product Owner.


What new in eSignature?

eSignature Signing Order

Does a compliance officer or supervisor need to sign a contract before it goes out to your client's for signature? When should an advisor sign the contract? Now, with our new ability to create a signing order, your firm can collect all of the signatures it needs in the correct order they need them.  This is the most efficient way to receive all of the necessary signatures and then collect payment from a new client when you first begin working with them.

eSignature Permission Management for Templates

When creating a new eSignature template, you can now give access to other users on the account. Additionally, you have the ability to set restrictions on what is sent to clients by requiring advisors to use templates that you have created. 

eSignature is FREE!

Don't forget, eSignature is now FREE! So if you haven't added eSignature to your account or need to upgrade to AdvicePay Professional, now you have even more reason to get started!  

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Posted by Mary Moore

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