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Tips from a Happiness Hero: How to Transition Your Clients to AdvicePay

October 14, 2021 By: Ashley Rumschlag

Are you ready to introduce AdvicePay to your clients? We’d love to help with the transition!

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Topics: Client Relationships

September 2021 Release Notes

October 07, 2021 By: Mary Moore

You may have noticed that we didn’t have any release notes last month! This is because our Engineering team had their heads down performing some code wizardry to deliver some BIG enhancements to our Enterprise platform. (We didn’t want to spoil the...

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Topics: Release Notes

How to Retain Generational Wealth Through Fee-for-Service Offerings

September 30, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

“Generational wealth.” If the term seems familiar, it’s no surprise! This buzzword has taken over headlines within the financial space in recent months, and it shows no signs of fading. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it worth your attention?

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Topics: Fee-For-Service

Is Your Billing & Payment Software Compliant?

September 22, 2021 By: Isabelle McGrail

In the financial services industry, no one is a stranger to the word compliance.

While researching how to stay compliant as a financial advisor, you’ll usually find long-winded, overwhelmingly complex descriptions of what is required to be in compliance...

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Topics: Compliance

Feature Release: Major Enhancements to the Enterprise Platform

September 17, 2021 By: Mary Moore

Managing the many process components of fee-for-service financial planning as volume grows is increasingly challenging for Enterprise home offices. Firms must track and confirm a myriad of moving pieces, such as: Is there a completed agreement on file...

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Topics: Feature Releases, User Experience, Enterprise

Webinar Replay: Fee Calculator Demo

September 10, 2021 By: Andre Brown

Having confidence in how fees are calculated is a top priority for financial advisors. That's why we have a fee calculator within our app to allow advisors to calculate their fees -- and even tie them to a client’s invoice! This powerful tool allows you...

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Topics: User Experience, Fee-For-Service

6 Questions to Address with Your Billing & Payment Solution as a Financial Advisor

August 23, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

When starting out as a financial planning professional, getting paid is unquestionably one of the top priorities when establishing your business. It is key to properly vet solutions that allow you to send out invoices seamlessly, allow your clients to...

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Topics: Compliance, Practice Management, Fee-For-Service

How to Confidently Communicate the Value for the Fee That You Charge

August 12, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

As you are getting prepared to onboard with a new client, you likely have every note in order and all paperwork expertly prepared. (After all, processes and preparedness make all the difference in communicating professionalism to your clients!)

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Topics: Practice Management, Client Relationships

July 2021 Release Notes

August 06, 2021 By: Mary Moore

This past month, our team had a blast at our company-wide retreat, spending time bonding through laughter, singing karaoke, volunteering, and oh-so-much more. (Don’t miss the pictures at the end of this blog!)

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Topics: Release Notes

Building a Client Services Calendar

July 27, 2021 By: Lana Dalton

As a financial advisor, how confident are you that your clients understand and appreciate the complete value of your services? If a question like this makes you nervous, you’re far from alone. According to a recent study, clients ranked the value they...

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Topics: Practice Management, Fee-For-Service