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One-time and Ongoing Services to Offer Under the Fee-for-Service Model

Top Questions From The 2024 Fee-for-Service Trends and Insights Webinar

Introducing The eMoney and AdvicePay Integration

Billing on Held-Away Accounts: Unveiling the Perfect Union of AdvicePay and Pontera

Top 5 AdvicePay Blogs of 2023 for Forward-Thinking Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Firms

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Why Giving Away Financial Planning for Free May Hurt Your Practice

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Evaluating Your Billing & Payment Solution: Key Questions to Ask As a Financial Advisor

The Power of Niche Marketing as a Financial Advisor

Feature Release Blog: Extending a Pause + Fee Change Reminders

Webinar Recap: Scaling Oversight of Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Unlocking the Power of AdvicePay: Revolutionizing Fee-for-Service Financial Planning and Driving Advisor Adoption

This Secure Act 2.0 Provision Expands Fee-for-Service Planning Opportunities for Small Business Clients and Their Employees

What's New? Three Key Trends From AdvicePay's Latest Report On Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Webinar Replay: Scaling Fee-for-Service Into a Revenue Center for Your Enterprise with Michael Kitces & Alan Moore

2022 AdvicePay Year in Review

Best of the AdvicePay Blog 2022

How Fee-For-Service Billing Keeps Clients Fully Invested For the Market Recovery

How to Create an Annual Client Service Calendar for Financial Planning Engagements

How to Charge for Fee-for-Service Financial Planning 💵

Webinar Recap: Highlights From our Enterprise Roundtable 📢

Services You Can Provide Under the Fee-for-Service Model

April 2022 Quarterly Release Notes

How to Generate 5-Figure Flat Fees for Service: A Conversation with Michael Kitces & Bill Bachrach

Celebrating $200 Million in Financial Planning Fees + A Message From Alan Moore, CEO

How to Structure and Establish Pricing

Reflections on AdvicePay’s 15th Quarterly Team Retreat

Best Of the AdvicePay Blog 2021

3 Reasons to Sign Up for AdvicePay Before the New Year

Our Top 5 eSignature Tips and Tricks

Webinar Replay: A Conversation with Michael Kitces & Bill Bachrach

Building a Repeatable Client Onboarding Process

Tips from a Happiness Hero: How to Transition Your Clients to AdvicePay

September 2021 Release Notes

How to Retain Generational Wealth Through Fee-for-Service Offerings

Is Your Billing & Payment Software Compliant?

Feature Release: Major Enhancements to the Enterprise Platform

Webinar Replay: Fee Calculator Demo

6 Questions to Address with Your Billing & Payment Solution as a Financial Advisor

How to Confidently Communicate the Value for the Fee That You Charge

July 2021 Release Notes

Building a Client Services Calendar

Services You Can Provide Regularly to Clients Under the Fee-For-Service Model

June 2021 Release Notes

5 Q&As About What Your Clients Experience in AdvicePay

Standout Quotes From our Webinar,"Scaling Financial Planning Into a Revenue Center for Your Enterprise"

The Non-AUM Clients You Should be Working With

Why Spreadsheets Only Work for So Long

May 2021 Release Notes

Building Trust as a Financial Advisor

How Often Should I Bill My Clients?

April 2021 Release Notes

5 Things People Get Wrong About Fee-For-Service

Celebrating Five Years of AdvicePay

5 Common Sales Mistakes to Avoid as a Financial Advisor

The "Why" Behind Deliverables for Enterprise

How to Charge for Fee-For-Service Financial Planning

New Feature Release: Deliverables for Enterprise

March 2021 Release Notes

Reasons Why the Fee-For-Service Model Will Help You Grow Your Business

Attracting New Talent to Your Firm Using AdvicePay

How to Sell Yourself as a Financial Advisor: Tips From a Sales Expert

Are You Using the Technology You Need to Succeed As a Financial Advisor?

February 2021 Release Notes

Announcing the AdvicePay and Salesforce Integration

Five AdvicePay Features We Love

Step-by-Step Guidance on Implementing AdvicePay in the New Year

January 2021 Release Notes

Announcing the AdvicePay and DocuSign Integration

2021 Financial Advisor Trends and How AdvicePay Can Help

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2020

December 2020 Release Notes

How to Charge for What You're Giving Away for Free

Announcing the AdvicePay And PreciseFP Integration

November 2020 Release Notes

Free Tools to Step Up Your Marketing Game

Five Things Financial Advisors Can Do To Improve Their Website Performance

Who is the Fee-For-Service Client? (And Why You Want Them at Your Practice)

October 2020 Release Notes

Maintaining Your Client Relationships

Conveying the Value of Financial Planning to Prospects

How to Market Yourself Virtually as a Financial Advisor

September 2020 Release Notes

How 3 Firms Successfully Structure their Pricing

Excelling with a Virtual Financial Practice

August 2020 Release Notes

Quick Tips for Selling, Working, and Staying Sane at Home

The Virtual Conference Experience: LPL Focus 2020

AdvicePay Success Stories: Integrated Wealthcare

Does My Client Have to Approve Their Ongoing Payment Each Time?

July 2020 Release Notes

How to Justify the Fee-For-Service Model to Clients

Success Stories: Chad Chubb, CFP®, CSLP®, WealthKeel LLC

AdvicePay Fee Calculator: Calculate Your Fees Quickly and Easily

3 Things Your Clients Should Know About AdvicePay

June 2020 Release Notes

Success Stories: Kaleb Paddock, CFP®, Ten Talents Financial Planning, LLC

How to be AdvicePay Happy: eSignature Tips

Using Tiered Service Offerings For Fee-For-Service Financial Planning

Benefits of the AdvicePay Client Portal

May 2020 Release Notes

How Often Should I Bill My Clients?

New Feature Release: Client Attributes

April 2020 Release Notes

New Feature Release: Digital Wallet Payments

New Enterprise Feature: "Offices"

Why Ongoing Planning can be More Valuable than a One-time Engagement

Billing Best Practices

5 Tips for Secure Video Conferencing

March 2020 Release Notes

Presenting a Financial Plan Virtually

How to Work from Home: Tips from the AdvicePay Team

Communicating with Clients During Rocky Times

February 2020 Release Notes

AdvicePay Team Member Spotlight: Cassie Jackson

5 Creative Ways to Add Revenue to Your Firm

January 2020 Release Notes

Team Member Spotlight: Aaron Lindstrom

Success Stories: Valmark Financial Group®

How to be AdvicePay Happy: How Your Clients Update their Payment Method & Resolve Failed Payments

December 2019 Release Notes

2019 Year In Review

November 2019 Release Notes

AdvicePay Team Member Spotlight: Honor Randall

A Guide to AdvicePay's Small Features that Pack a Big Punch

Announcing the AdvicePay and Redtail Integration

October Release Notes

Fee Increase Success: Cumbie Advisory Services, Inc.

Having the Fee Increase Conversation

Feature Release: Auto Fee Escalation

Overnight Innovation: Ship-It Day

Behind The Scenes: What Happens When You Report an Issue to AdvicePay?

September 2019 Release Notes

New Feature Release: Redesigned Client Portal

New Tech on the Block

Announcing the AdvicePay and Wealthbox Integration

New Feature Release: Subscription Management

August Release Notes 2019

eSignature Best Practices

How You Provide Value

AdvicePay Team Member Spotlight: Isaac

New Feature Release: Invoice Filtering and Exporting

Success Stories: Mason & Associates, LLC

July 2019 Release Notes

New Feature Release: eSignature Permissions & Signing Order

The "Why" Behind AdvicePay's Fee Calculator

New Feature Release: Fee Calculator

AdvicePay Team Member Spotlight: Erika Madden

Feature Release: Bulk Importing

June 2019 Release Notes

When to Speed Up and When to Slow Down: 10 Ways AdvicePay Makes Life Easier for You and Your Clients

Feature Release: Client Experience Redesigned

May Release Notes 2019

Feature Release: Ch-Ch-Changes to AdvicePay Plans

When Will You Get Paid? 5 Q&As About Your Money

Feature Release: Smarter Settings

April 2019 Release Notes

Who Can You Best Serve Under the Fee-For-Service Model?

How AdvicePay Solved Common eSignature Issues

How to Be AdvicePay Happy: eSignature Integration

March 2019 Release Notes

How Electronic Signatures Can Improve Your Efficiency (Even More Than You Might Think)

New Feature Release: Client Information Customization

10 Operations Tips You Can Start to Implement Right Now

New Feature Release: Payment Descriptions

February Release Notes

How to Be AdvicePay Happy: Overdue Invoice Reminders

New Feature Release: eSignature Upgrades

New Feature: Client-Side Email Control

How to Get the Most Out of AdvicePay’s New Accounting Software Integration

How to be AdvicePay Happy: Client Payments

Announcing our B-Importer Software Integration

January 2019 Release Notes

Does My Client Have to Approve Their Ongoing Payment Each Time?

2018 Year in review

New Feature Release: Subscription & Invoice Screens

New Feature Release: Payment Request Screen

December 2018 Release Notes

Epic Email Enhancements in AdvicePay

November 2018 release notes

5 Ways Financial Planners Can Avoid Making Early Mistakes

What Makes AdvicePay Compliant

October 2018 release notes

Communicating the Value of Financial Planning to Clients

How often should I bill my clients?

September 2018 release notes

August release notes

Compliant Billing Solutions for Financial Advisors

Why Broker Dealer compliance is important for a retainer model

Advisor Practice Management: How to Scale

Investment Advisor Best Practices for Recurring Fees Billing

July Release Notes

Investment Advisor Compliance When Charging for Recurring Fees

Financial Advisor Marketing - Best targets for retainer fees

Calculating Financial Planner Fees for Retainer Services

How to justify the advisor retainer model to clients

Financial Advisor Value Proposition for Retainers

June release notes